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15 Attic Finishing Ideas You Have to See to Believe

When it comes to expanding the space within your home, few areas are as ideal to focus on as your attic. So many homeowners simply use their attic as storage space, and not very optimized storage space at that.

This is a massive waste of what could be one of the most exciting areas in your entire house. All you need to do is start thinking creatively, and you can turn your attic into something spectacular. 

To do that, you’re going to need some solid attic finishing ideas. That’s why I’ve come up with these to get you started. Use them to create your new attic space or as inspiration for some creative ideas of your own!

Here are 15 attic finishing ideas you have to see to believe.

1 – Attic Finishing Ideas: Essentials First

Before you finish your attic, you have to start it. The job of converting an attic isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. What you need to bear in mind is first and foremost climate control.

You’ll need to invest in proper insulation for your attic because it is very close to the roof of your house. The roof is renowned for being a place where heat either gets in on hot days or escapes on cold days. It’s not the same as finishing a basement, but similar insulation ideas must be considered.

Once your space has been properly insulated and serves as a blank canvas, you’re ready to fully embrace some finishing ideas.

2 – Install a Skylight

A skylight is an amazing way to get some natural light into your attic space. By taking advantage of the roof of your building, you can have a huge window into the outside world.

You will, however, need to make sure that you install your skylight safely and appropriately. As long as you’re fully prepared, a skylight can also help make your attic space feel considerably more spacious for minimal effort. 

Consider also adding blinds to your skylight, so the light source can simply be turned on and off with the drawing of your blinds.

3 – Bookcase Space

attic finishing

When it comes to an attic, you need to make the most of the space available to you. If you’re thinking of making a book-filled retreat, then you should consider installing bookshelves into the wall or stairwell themselves.

This is an amazing way to make use of space that would otherwise be empty. Not only that, but having a wall full of books also adds real character to your room, even if you don’t plan on reading them all!

4 – Game Room!

When it comes to figuring out what your attic space will function as, what about transforming it into a game room? This is a great way to make your new attic appeal to your kids or the big kids in your house!

This is a much cheaper thing to do than you’d expect if you’re concerned about your budget. Not only that, but the attic is perfect for a game room. It works great as a hideaway, a personalized space for people in your home to escape to.

Not only that, but it’s also a great showpiece room to show your friends when they come around!

5 – Think About Lighting

unfinished attic ideas

The skylight can be a big help, but the last thing you want for your new attic is for it to look dingy and badly lit. 

Consider some wall lights which take up minimal space but provide the lighting you need. Or, maybe have a small desk with a lamp on, to while away the midnight hours on your latest project.

You should make the lighting fit the aesthetic design of the attic you’re creating. That way, you can create an interior synergy for your new attic. This could even match with the rest of your house if you’re a fan of a house with matching room designs.

6 – Don’t Forget About The Roof

One of the most unique aspects of an attic is in the proximity it has to your house’s roof. Because of this, there are many opportunities to design around the shape of your roof.

If your roof is particularly triangular, you can embrace this and create a triangular design for the whole space. Consider creating triangular shelving into the wall, which can again maximize the space available to you.

Or, install hanging elements if your roof is particularly high. You could add a ceiling fan to help with those hot summer days, or install some hanging lights to add even more illumination to the attic.

7 – Transform Into New Bathroom Space

attic bathroom ideas

If you’re still wondering what kind of room finish to add to your attic, consider transforming it into a second or third bathroom. This can be perfect if your attic is accessed through a bedroom, as it turns that bedroom into an en suite. 

This attic remodeling idea is one of the most functional for your whole home. Think about fitting a bath or shower into the layout of your attic appropriately, to make use of the space. Just remember to bear in mind the things to know before remodeling a bathroom, so you’re fully prepared for the task at hand.

8 – Think About Colors

Once you’ve thought about the lighting in your new attic, you need to start contemplating what color scheme to adopt. This can be vital to presenting the best attic possible and is an incredibly personal decision to make. 

You should base your color scheme on what the attic space itself will function as. If you’re going with a game room, try to make it funky and vibrant, to make the space fun to interact in. Or, if you’re transforming it into a new bathroom, consider a clean white approach.

Just make sure you avoid any home renovation mistakes when finalizing and implementing your color scheme. Think about who will be using this space, and cater your color scheme to what they would appreciate.

9 – A New Bedroom

attic bedroom ideas

Alongside a new bathroom, finishing your attic as a new bedroom will be a useful way to utilize the space. You could create a new nursery for your newborn, or create an exciting guest room for when your friends or family stay over.

Depending on what you go with, you should finish your attic with a different kind of design. For a personal bedroom, go all-in on the personalization. Make it fit with the color scheme and create your entire design around what the bedroom owner needs.

But if you’re going for a guest room, think about additions that every guest might appreciate. It should be homely, but not too overbearing, like a hotel room but much less clinical.

This can also help add value to your home if you’re planning on selling. The right change, like a new bedroom, to your attic can add up to 20% on the value of your home

10 – Walk-in Closet

Now, though I said earlier that most people waste their attic space by making it solely about storage, you can make the most of this storage option. Think about a spacious walk-in closet attic, full of all your shoes, dresses, outfits, and everything else you can imagine.

You could add a large mirror and sleek wooden flooring to make this the perfect designer hideaway to get ready in. Though the main focus will be storage, it will be somewhere where that storage is optimized.

Crucially, this means things can be stored and the space of the room itself can suitably be lived in by your house’s inhabitants. A walk-in closet is a luxury, but one that you totally deserve if you have an attic space that can hold one.

11 – Home Theater

Here’s another finished attic idea that could work wonders for your home – a home theater! All you need is the right kind of lights, some comfy chairs and most importantly a large television or projector.

Consider adding a little popcorn station to add some fun to your home theater attic room. This is an attic finishing idea that could work wonders for a film-buff family.

Or, it can be a great place to send the kids for a while so you can finally get some time to breathe. They’ll thoroughly enjoy having their own cinema right there at the top of the house.

12 – Spruce Up Any Barriers

In some attic designs, barriers are necessary to prevent falls from the height of the attic. But these don’t just have to be bland railings. 

If you do need to consider the health and safety of those in your attic, consider doing so with style. If you’re going for an all-wood look, then perhaps you could make the barriers wooden also. 

Or, you could paint them vibrant colors to match with the rest of your new attic bedroom. With an attic, it’s all about using every aspect available to you to make the whole space feel alive.

13 – Fully Open Plan

Though I mentioned inserting one or two skylights previously, you should consider adding windows to your whole roof area. This way, you can have a 360-degree view of your surroundings from the safety of your attic.

This can be an incredible place to host guests, who will be wowed by the view you’ve created from the comfort of your own home. Or, it can be a brilliant way to make your office space exciting, helping you keep productive.

Just imagine relaxing on the sofa in your converted office and staring at some fireworks through your fully windowed roof. There are few attic finishing ideas quite so glamorous.

14 – An Attic Chandelier

attic chandelier ideas

Like I said earlier, using the roof of your attic appropriately is the key to an incredible finish. Think about how you could add a chandelier or another statement hanging piece to pull the design of your new attic room together.

Chandeliers are excellent in that they can illuminate the room while also providing a centerpiece, meaning they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re going out there with your attic design you could source a really wild and interesting chandelier design.

Or, you could keep it classic if you’re going for a wooden, sleek interior approach, like that of a grand mansion in a murder mystery novel. Think about how decor pieces like this fit in with the overall design of your attic, and the whole room will work cohesively as one.

Make sure to choose the best chandelier design for your attic space.

15 – A Whole New World

Providing you have an attic big enough, the possibilities are truly endless. You could consider adding a small kitchen area, bathroom, and bedroom if your attic space is big enough. That way, you’ll essentially be installing a house within your house!

You could even consider renting this space out if you’d like the extra income. Or, you could let your teenager occupy the space if they’re at an age where they appreciate their personal space.

The limits when it comes to attic finishing design ideas are found only in your imagination. Think about what your house desperately needs more of; is it bathrooms, living space, bedrooms, an office, a green space, or something different entirely? 

With the right foresight and plan, your attic can become that for your home, and you’ll never look back at the days when you didn’t finish your attic space again.

I Need More Ideas!

If you need more home renovation ideas, either attic finishing ideas or otherwise, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at the rest of my posts that cover a wide variety of home renovation topics and ideas.

If you don’t see something, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to write a post answering any questions you might have. It’s my goal to help you make your next DIY project enjoyable and rewarding. Wishing you tons of success!

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