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Granite Colors: The Definitive Guide (With Beautiful Pictures)

Believe it or not, granite countertops come in a ton of different colors, and all of them are stunning.

Since granite is natural, not man-made, no other person in the world will have the exact same counter as you, making it that much more exciting to have in your kitchen.

Arguably, the most difficult part of your granite countertop purchase will be choosing which color is right for you. There are nearly 3,000 different variations to choose from!

In this guide, I’ll show you 15 of the most popular granite colors and how they can make a world of difference in your kitchen.

1 – Azurite

azurite granite

Azurite granite, originally created in Brazil, is a cream colored granite with different variations of blue and brown details throughout its design that provides a beautiful contrast.

Oftentimes, you’ll find azurite granite paired with a lighter brown design for the cabinets. This suits the kitchen very well because it allows for the darker colors in the azurite granite to show while still creating a uniform look throughout the kitchen.

Really though, azurite works well with all colors because it has different hues of cream throughout each piece. When paired with white or a light color, the blue and darker hues will stand out more.

Azurite also goes well with a tiled backsplash of a similar color and stainless steel appliances. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a rustic feel to your kitchen. An added benefit of this design? It masks stains!

2 – Baltic Brown

baltic brown granite

Baltic brown was originally created in Finland. This darker granite is polished and well known for the blotchy pattern it typically portrays. The Baltic brown design is made up of different colors of brown and black and contains small specks of tan and grey throughout.

This stone is very prominent and should be paired with lighter colored cabinets to really add to the presentation and beauty of your kitchen. White is an excellent choice for your cabinets with this Baltic brown countertops because it creates a more neutral tone.

If you opted for dark cabinets, the entire room would feel as though there was no light coming in, and no one wants to come into a dreary kitchen first in the morning.

3 – Bianco Antico

Bianco antico is a white granite quarried and distributed from Brazil. This type of granite appears to be grey and white from a distance, but once you are close up you can tell that there are very intricate details containing specks of pink and brown too.

Adding this granite to a kitchen with white cabinets will provide an opportunity for the color in the stone to pop without offsetting the room too much. Putting this color with black cabinets will make the room really standout since there will be a noticeable contrast between the white of the stone and the black of the cabinets. This will also allow the darker color in the countertop to stand out. This kind of countertop is a great way to make your kitchen look truly luxurious and add value to your home. It especially looks great with hardwood floors.

4 – Cosmic Black

cosmic black granite color

Cosmic Black, also known as Titanium, is one of the most common granite colors. This stone comes from Brazil, and is made with natural quartz pockets, which add to the elegance of the design.

The main colors in the stone are black and white, but you can almost always find some yellow and light brown streaks in it too. Each stone has very different variations of color, so some will have only a small amount of yellow while others will have a lot more. Cosmic black granite goes well with darker brown cabinets because it creates an even tone throughout the kitchen.

White cabinets, like the ones you see above, create a large offset between the stone and the cabinets. Depending on your taste, it might even look a little strange if your particular slab has a large amount of yellow.

5 – Blue Bahia

blue bahia granite countertop

Blue Bahia granite is a beautiful blue stone quarried in Central Brazil. This type of granite is a highly sought after stone because of how unique it is. The stone itself is actually a white stone that has a plethora of blue mineral deposits throughout, causing it to be one of the bluest stones available.

In most slabs, at least 70% of the stone is made up of these blue mineral deposits. Typically, the granite also contains a small portion of brown minerals. This granite can be more difficult to incorporate into your kitchen than basic white stones. While black and white tend to match everything, blue doesn’t always.

Blue Bahia goes well with medium brown cabinets because it brings the brown in the stone to your attention. White is also a great option for the cabinets, but it might be helpful to use a small amount of blue for the fixtures or a picture on the wall just to tie the blue into the rest of the room. Word to the wise, you’ll want to choose your cabinets first if you go with this granite color. Why? The brightness of the blue in the stone tends to vary tremendously. While a light blue may look good with light cabinets, darker blue looks better with darker cabinets.

6 – Caravelas Gold

caravelas gold granite

Caravelas gold granite is a polished white or cream colored stone with gold and black veining throughout that creates a beautiful pattern. This granite is produced in Brazil for distribution all over the world.

It goes well with both light and dark cabinets since it has aspects of both distributed as close to evenly throughout the stone as possible. Dark brown cabinets bring out the white of the countertops and create a very put together look for the kitchen. White cabinets would allow the gold and black of the counter tops to really show, creating a visually appealing offset of colors.

In the kitchen shown above, the chairs really help accentuate the gold in the granite. You’ll want to take advantage of the intricate detail in this countertop by finding ways to bring out each color while still keeping the room looking relatively simple.

7 – Ivory Brown

ivory brown granite color

Ivory Brown granite, produced in India, is a mostly beige colored stone with red and brown streaks throughout, creating a rustic look.

This granite can be processed with many different finishes to fit the needs of the purchaser. Ivory Brown is an excellent option for your kitchen countertops since it’s a basic beige color, which goes with everything. The brown and red are minimal and should be brought out by the rest of the room. With medium brown cabinets, as pictured above, the beige stone provides light to the room and allows it to feel like a calm space.

With beige cabinets, this stone would provides beautifully edgy streaks, allowing for a completely different kitchen environment. No doubt, this granite can help you accomplish multiple looks for your kitchen.

8 – Peacock Green

peacock green countertops

Peacock green granite is made in Brazil and is comprised of igneous rock and dark-green crystals that give the stone a peacock look. There are gold flecks throughout this type of granite.

This color goes well with lighter brown cabinets, as you can see in the picture. This is because the brown brings out the gold flecks in the countertops.

Another great option would be to install white cabinets because white would allow the colors in the granite to truly show. Darker cabinets could drown out the green, making them just look dark grey.

This countertop demands attention, much like a peacock, so you want to avoid toning it down.

9 – Crema Bordeaux

crema bordeaux

Crema Bordeaux is a beautiful granite produced in southern Brazil and is famous for resembling the planet Jupiter. This stone is made up of a mixture of different variations of cream, brown, red, pink, blue, and grey.

It has the largest variation of any other granite, meaning every piece is completely different while still resembling each other as far as make up and colors go. This is very versatile for kitchens since it can match almost all cabinet colors.

White cabinets would go really well with this stone because it brings out the dark red color in the granite.

10 – Delicatus White

Delicatus white granite is famous for its white and dark contrasts. This stone, quarried in Brazil, appears white if you are not standing right next to it. This stone has many intricate details that make it very appealing to homeowners. The bedrock itself is a bright white, but it can sometimes vary in tint and even have some blue spots too.

This stone is intertwined with three different minerals that are black, light grey, and brown. Paired with dark cabinets, the white of this granite really pops, yet still allows the colors that are intertwined to seep through. In the photo, this homeowner chose to go with white cabinets as well, which adds a warm vibe to whole kitchen. It seems to work really well. After all, the colors intertwined in the white are quite distinct. However, this granite could also work well with darker cabinets.

11 – Desert Dream

desert dream granite countertops

Desert dream granite is a very unique combination of black, brown, grey, gold and cream variations. This stone is found in Brazil, and has a very unique design that is perfect for a rustic farm house.

As you can see in the photo above, this granite color goes fantastically well with wood of all kinds. It tends to blend with all of the other colors in the kitchen resulting in a uniform look across the room. Other options for this countertop include black or white cabinets.

If you chose to use black cabinets, the contrast of the cream and black will stand out as well as the intricate details in the granite. If you go with white cabinets, the details in the granite will serve as the contrast to the white, making them pop out beautifully. Either way you can’t go wrong.

There are so many opportunities with this color of granite because it matches nearly everything.

12 – Tiger Skin

tiger skin granite counters

Tiger skin granite is quarried in India. This stone imitates a tiger skin like pattern using brown and orange backgrounds with black waves throughout the material, hence the name. This option can be processed in many different finishes and used for a multitude of projects.

Tiger skin granite is an excellent choice for your kitchen or even bathroom countertops. This color goes very well with dark brown cabinets, as it allows the lighter colors to shine through the darkness of the stone.

However, this color option would not be ideal with white cabinets as the orange would clash with the white, making the room look a bit awkward. Since tiger skin is natural, you want to stick to natural tones throughout the kitchen like brown, tan, and cream.

13 – Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite is mass produced in Norway and is extremely popular. This granite is actually a dark grey color with navy blue aspects throughout. If you look really closely at this stone, you can tell that it actually contains many different colors, even brown and black.

Mineral deposits are easily visible throughout this stone. It goes really well with white cabinets because it allows the blue in the granite to really show and creates a very bright looking kitchen, which many people enjoy having.

As you can see in the picture, this homeowner used a beautiful backsplash to really bring out the color in the stone. If you opt for black or dark brown cabinets, the countertop will appear a bit grey, which could take away from the boldness of the granite, so go with blue or a light color.

14 – Kashmir White

kashmir white granite kitchen

Kashmir granite is a very high-demand stone that’s quarried in India. This stone, unlike many others, does not change the way it looks depending on the light it’s in. You get the perfect view regardless of the setting.

There’s also not a lot of variation with this stone because there aren’t large pockets of mineral deposits like there are in many other options. This granite color is primarily white. It’s bright and even looks like your standard countertop from afar.

However, if you get close up, you notice that there is some cream, brown, and garnet present as well. This mixture creates a kind of salt and pepper mixture that looks great in any kitchen.

In the photo, the countertop is paired with white cabinets, which is an excellent choice for a bright and beautiful kitchen. This speckled countertop would give your kitchen the perfect amount of spice.

15 – Absolute Black

absolute black granite

If you’ve been dreaming of a modern black and white kitchen, then absolute black granite is an excellent option for you.

This stone is quarried in India, and some call it jet black granite. There’s very little variation in this granite, and it’s almost completely black. From far away, the countertop appears to be solid black, but if you inspect it closer you’ll see that it has very tiny grey mineral deposits in the stone.

These countertops wouldn’t work so well with dark colored cabinets since they’d make the room look extremely dull and, honestly, a bit depressing. If you wanted to brighten up a kitchen using this stone, add some red roses in a glass vase and go with white cabinets and a light hardwood floor.

Wrapping Up Our Granite Colors Guide

As I mentioned before, there are literally 3,000 different granite colors and variations to choose from, but these 15 are some of the most popular and should give you a great sense of what’s available.

Whether you’re looking for something elegant or exotic, granite has it all.

So what’s next?

Head over to your local hardware store to see what granite color options they have. You’ll get a better sense of what your countertops can look like when you look at samples in person.

Worth noting, remember to match the color of your granite countertops with the color of your cabinets and the furniture you plan on having in your kitchen.

Looking forward to hearing all about your purchase!

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