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What Materials are the Most Beautiful for Building a Fence?

From the zigzag fences of the colonial times to those elaborately designed and available today, fences have managed to be one of the best ways to ensure privacy from the beginning of time.

Whether you’re looking to keep your pets from running off or hoping to keep the local children at bay, a fence, when built the right way and with the right material, can serve a lot of purposes.

That said, what material should you use for your fence?

In this article, I’m going to discuss the materials that are the most beautiful for building a fence.

As you look at the pictures and read through the descriptions, try to imagine what it would be like if you used each one of them for your fence.

Here are the top 5 most beautiful fence materials:

1 – Cedar

cedar fence

If you’re looking to build a durable but stylish fence, cedar is your best bet. This material has been one of the top favorites of homeowners for years, and for good reason.

To start, cedar wood is incredibly durable. Not only will it successfully withstand adverse weather conditions, but it also will outlast many other fences designed from soft and semi-durable materials like pine. Also, in addition to being incredibly durable, the natural oil in the wood of these fences can deter rotting and insect damage.

Cedar fences are also incredibly attractive, especially when it comes to natural cedar that has an attractive yet truly rustic appeal. Consequently, it’s one of the top choices for backyard fences. Since you also don’t need to chemically treat cedar fences, they’re an excellent choice for families who are looking to use natural products.

The best part: you won’t need sealants to ensure the durability of a cedar fence. Worth noting, most advise against using a sealant since it’s likely to mess with the natural oils present in the wood.

If installed the right way, your cedar fence will look incredible for years and years. The wood will not just withstand the impact of weather, but it will also remain perfectly aligned. Unlike other kinds of wood that are likely to warp or shrink with time, cedar will retain its shape perfectly.

Over time, cedar will change a bit to a more silvery hue, giving it a more majestic look with age. Every now and then, you will likely need to replace one or two of the planks, but that’s a small price to pay for such a beautiful fence.

If you’re looking for a classy and elegant style for your fences, cedar will fully live up to your expectations. It’s definitely a fence that will beautifully complement your property.

2 – Vinyl Fences

vinyl fence

If you’re looking for a solid fence that’s not just attractive but also incredibly affordable, vinyl is a great option. There are a lot of benefits to having a vinyl fence. They are incredibly low-maintenance and their color doesn’t fade. They also aren’t prone to rust. The best part about vinyl: these fences aren’t even prone to termites or other pests. All you’ll need is some soapy water to wash a vinyl fence, and you’ll only need to that once in a while.

Another nice benefit of having a vinyl fence is the fact that it is completely non-toxic. Since it isn’t treated with harmful chemicals post the manufacturing process, vinyl is deemed to be fully non-toxic. Also, since natural gas is one of the biggest components of vinyl, you can easily recycle it if need be. Vinyl is, therefore, an excellent investment.

Additionally, vinyl fences are very cost-effective. The cost of buying vinyl is lower than both iron and wood. Since there isn’t any maintenance cost involved in the process, you also can save a big chunk of change over the years. Remember, you won’t need to paint or primer a vinyl fence, so you can save a great deal of money while installing an incredibly beautiful fence.

As I mentioned, vinyl is also an excellent choice for adverse weather. So, if you’re living in an area that gets heavy rainstorms, severe gusts of winds, freezing temperatures, or even high heat, then vinyl is an excellent option for you. Being 5 times stronger than wood, they won’t collapse during storms.

The final and biggest benefit of these sorts of fences is the fact that they can be installed in a jiffy. No doubt, tt’s a great DIY project and very easy to do. Not only that, if you ever need to take it down, disassembling a vinyl fence is also really simple.

3 – Composite Fences

composite fencing

Made from a concoction of wood fibers and plastic polymers, composite fencing offers a wood-like appeal without the possibility of degradation from rot and insect. Its perfect blend of style and substance make it one of the best options for homeowners looking for a beautiful fence.

Although composite fences can be slightly more expensive than cedar and vinyl variants, they’re worth every penny when it comes to style and appeal. The material is not just solid and durable, but it won’t take you much time to get the fence installed either. That said, do note that the material of composite fences vary. Consequently, make sure to explore all of your options by consulting a reputable dealer.

After getting a composite fence installed, all you’ll have to do is spray it with water from time to time. This will keep it looking good as new. That’s it, no other maintenance is needed. When it comes to colors and designs, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from. Regardless of your decor, you’ll definitely find a design and color that’ll beautifully complement your property and style.

The biggest highlight of a composite fence is perhaps the fact that they’re entirely different than regular wood. Since these fences contain plastic and are often backed by a fully protective exterior layer, pests and insects cannot cause damage. Likewise, these fences provide solid protection against the sun as well as mildew. Not only that, but they also won’t be negatively impacted by even the harshest of weather conditions. Worth noting, you won’t even need to paint them or reseal them. Ultimately, a composite fence has that perfect balance of beauty and durability, and will offer incredible benefits that last you an entire lifetime.

4 – Redwood Fences

redwood fence

While you’ll spend thousands of dollars for a solid redwood fence, nothing can compare to their inherent natural softness and perfect luster. Since they can be expensive, you’ll rarely find a redwood fence surrounding an entire property. Instead, it will enclose a pool or a certain segment of the backyard.

Although some wood is vulnerable to both decay and pests, this really isn’t the case with redwood. In reality, redwood is known for its inherent ability to resist insects and ultraviolet rays. It also offers ample protection against both wind and rain. However, unlike the other fence materials I mentioned so far, you will need to treat a redwood fence with a good sealant.

That said, by and large, redwood is one of the most beautiful fencing materials available. The reddish-brown hue lasts for quite a long time and has the power to beautify and enhance any piece of property it stands on. Not only that, but this stunning color will remain intact for many years down the line.

Redwood lumber doesn’t have as many knots as conventional woods, so you can easily find it in clear grades. Its smoothness makes it look exceptionally elegant, and having a redwood fence can increase the value of your property substantially.

Since redwood trees are abundant in coastal areas, they can resist moisture far better than any other conventional grade of lumber.

Lastly, redwood fences will require a little work, but they are still fairly low-maintenance. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need to seal them from time to time and possibly repaint too, but – overall – you can get away without doing any of that stuff for close to 7 years.

5 – Metal Fences

metal fence

If you’re looking for fences that’ll not just last awhile, but also have some charm to them, go with a metal fence. Whether it’s made of aluminum, steel, or any other variation, metal fences look really great and come in tons of different designs.

The aesthetic appeal of a metal fence is by far one of its greatest advantages. While some look rather simple and unassuming, like the one featured above, they can be made to fit whatever style you desire. The dark metallic finish on these fences is visually appealing, especially along your porch, deck, or garden.

If you’re going for a Victorian vibe, opt for a wrought iron fence with ornamental variants. Sleek, stunning, and quintessentially charming – these fences can instantly liven up and beautify your property.

A metal fence is also quite sturdy and durable. As you’d already guess, metal fences have a stronger frame than other fences and last even longer than wooden fences. Unlike wooden fences that cannot withstand adverse weather, metal fences hold up well in any weather and won’t require maintenance. Additionally, if you invest in a high-grade metal fence, it will maintain its luster for many years. Perhaps most importantly, a properly installed metal fence will last as long as your house.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, a metal fence is also a great tool for deterring crime. If you install a tall fence with pointed barbs, you will be sending a strong sign to any would-be intruder.

Although aluminum fences can withstand rust and any other weather condition for quite some time, a wrought iron or steel fence will from time to time need to be treated. It’s also a good idea to use rust-inhibiting paint to prevent the possibility of corrosion.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fence

Now that I’ve gone through the top 5 most beautiful fence materials, it’s time to consider a few things before you go out and buy your new fence.

For starters, you’ll need to ask yourself why you’re getting the fence in the first place. If you’re installing it to keep would-be criminals at bay, for example, a metal fence is a great option for you. However, if you want a classy fence that will dress up your property, cedar or redwood are likely better options.

Lastly, make sure to explore several different vendors. Don’t just go to one store and settle. Be sure to shop around a lot until you find a great deal on the exact type of fence you’re looking for.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Those are the top 5 materials that I think are the most beautiful for building a fence along with several other solid reasons for why you should install a fence using these particular materials.

At the end of the day, buying and installing any one of the 5 types I listed above will be a great decision.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start brainstorming what would look best around your house, and make it happen.

Looking forward to hearing what fence material you decided to use!

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